Being a new mom is so freaking confusing – especially where the baby registry is involved.

Buy this! That’s safest! You don’t need one of those. You totally need ten of these. Oh, don’t believe this. Definitely believe that.

After all, your baby’s health, happiness, and future ability to avoid becoming a mass-murderer fully depend upon all of these tiny details.

Five Fast Baby Registry Truths for New Moms, featured on the Southern Momdays blog

Trust us…these savvy marketing campaigns all say. We know better than you, new mommas…

And then there’s another layer of confusion and conflict since you’re hormonal, and your hubby just wants to be done with the “baby shopping” for the day.

So let me infuse a spell of sanity into this situation. Here are five legit truths for new moms to understand up-front about forming their baby registry.

  1. You won’t know what you really “need” until baby arrives.

I heard this phrase a lot when I was pregnant. I secretly scoffed each time, too. The moms who offered up this advice were just more laidback than I was, right? Ha. True to form with everything else I planned for baby…I was wrong.

Babies are tiny, demanding people. As brand-new mommas, we need to figure out not only what works best for our unique lifestyles – but also what works best for their needs and specific personality. No two moms are alike. No two babies are alike, either!



I distinctly remember breaking down in tears when I was pregnant with Scarlett because I couldn’t figure out what the h – e – double-hockey-sticks to do about where my baby would sit or lie during the day. Did I need a sling? A bassinet? A bouncer? A rocker? An actual contraption with “seat” in the name? WHY WERE THERE SO MANY OPTIONS?! Did I need one of each? And then, to add to the confusion – did I need whatever I chose to have the word “portable” in the name?!

I’m getting a little flustered just thinking about my options again, and she’s almost a year and a half old.



Cover all of your basics first. Then, add some “premium” items that’d be nice to have someone gift you. You’ll discover what else you need or what else would make life easier later in the newborn phase once baby’s here.

Ever wonder why most marketing campaigns for baby stuff target new moms…not moms having their second+ child…?

  1. You shouldn’t buy or register for everything you hear you need.

New moms are a prime target for marketers because of A) fear and B) naivety. Ever wonder why most marketing campaigns for baby stuff target new moms…not moms having their second+ child? It’s because these veteran moms have already been there. They’re not motivated to buy based on fear or inexperience anymore. (Read: They can see through the crap and collectively roll their eyes…as a new mom would if she knew better.) Take a deep breath before buying something, new momma. Instead, find a seasoned mommy friend or two to bounce ideas off of. Hearing first-hand what’s a good buy and what’s a waste up front will help you in advance!

  1. You’ll make less-than-convenient mistakes on which products to register for and buy.

You’ll learn to embrace the mistakes. They will happen. It’s all part of navigating this new chapter of life. Talk to other moms to learn what mistakes they’d have you avoid! Check out my own baby registry fails (coming soon!) to get you started. (I’ve made some epic mistakes, lemme tell ya.)

I always recommend going for a registry that you can create in-store when possible but that you can edit and customize online, too. That’s so you can see and feel items before you ask for them but then update your registry from the comfort of home if you change your mind. (And you just might change your mind a lot!)

Baby shower bags featured in Five Fast Baby Registry Truths for New Moms on the Southern Momdays blog

  1. If you register for one of everything…do you have space to store one of everything?

If storage space is an issue, look for items that can serve multiple purposes without sacrificing quality. Or, opt for items that convert to follow your child as he or she grows up. That way, you waste nothing in terms of money or space.

I really value pieces that work hard – for a long time. We have a small house. Nothing is wrong with having a small house…unless you have a lot of stuff. Cut the fat early on by trimming your registry list! Some people won’t buy from your registry but will buy pieces that fall in line with the “spirit” of your registry. Don’t forget that!

  1. Don’t register for much clothing.

You may have just gasped here. But trust me: that’s a rabbit hole you’ll spend hours in, because you’ll literally want EVERYTHING. Truth is, you’ll often get baby clothes as add-on items at your shower. But…baby will only wear half of your carefully-cultivated wardrobe in any size – once – before outgrowing it.

Put other items on your registry to offload your bigger new-momma expenses: like feeding and nursing supplies, furniture, transportation needs, bags, developmental toys, DIAPERS, FORMULA, and so on. Instead, for the newborn and 0-3 size, buy or register for a few cute outfits and pants, and then stock up on a number of onesies. You’ll wash the onesies quite often thanks to the inevitable spit-up and blow-out. But baby will only wear everything else one or two times before she’s suddenly in the next size. (Which is nice because it means buying consignment lots of baby clothes gets you practically brand-new clothing, at less than half the price!)


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Five Fast Baby Registry Truths for New Moms, featured on the Southern Momdays blog


Finally, have fun building your baby registry!

Research completion discount details that you can take advantage of after baby’s due date. They can save you major bucks as you buy the rest of your essentials! And, of course, consider buying certain products gently used to get the same items at 50% off – or more. It’s soooo worth it.


Questions? Holler at me below!

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