5 Free Father's Day Gift Ideas (That Are Really for Mom!), featured on Southern MomdaysA few years ago, the hubs and I started focusing on making more memories rather than buying more stuff.

It’s a fact that’s affected everything for us. And honestly, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! That’s why this list of free Father’s Day gift ideas is so important as I plan just what we’ll do this year. Not necessarily because we need the event to be “free,” but because we really try not to get materialistic about it all! So here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

If you’re looking for free Father’s Day gift ideas (that are really for mom, too!), you’ve come to the right place!

Focusing more on each other, on family, and on making memories rather than buying the perfect gift (that’ll just gather dust and take up more space later), can make each and every celebration so much more precious. 

And Happy Father’s Day to the leading guy in your life!

  • Free Father’s Day gift ideas #1: The gift of a “chill” day.

I’m talking about hanging out around the house and doing nothing for the whole day. This goes for you too, Mom! No laundry, no dishes. Pile up in your PJs, and start a Netflix marathon. Plan to order in or eat junk foods all day! No manual labor – past keeping the kids alive and happy – allowed.

If you’re like me and wondering how in the world any of that would ever happen, remember that basically anything is possible with a little planning ahead! Create a nice breakfast casserole the day before so you can pop it in the oven and cook a homemade breakfast for your guy without sweating too much in the kitchen. Go to Dollar Tree and snag a few cheap toys that’ll be new and keep the kids entertained for an hour or so, or simply break out a fresh box from your toy rotation. Set up an arts-and-crafts corner for them so they can make a sweet card or picture for Dad the day-of!

The point is, take care of all the heavy lifting the week or day before so you can relax, too!



  • Free Father’s Day gift ideas #2: The gift of a “project” day.

If the idea of a “chill” day would have your man twiddling his thumbs 30 minutes in because he’s what I call a “tinkerer,” (always needing to “tinker” about with something) that’s okay! See if he’d rather have a whole day to himself to work on something he enjoys. That can be as strange to us moms as organizing the garage or even tackling your honey-do list items. Either way, you get something out of it, too! 😉

  • Free Father’s Day gift ideas #3: A day or night out.

Would he rather spend the day fishing out on the lake? Or, would he enjoy time in the evening to drive around and just “hang out” – maybe stopping for a picnic somewhere along the way? Make plans to make it happen! The whole family can join in for some fun memory-making. Just remember to prep everything ahead of time if needed so you’re not rushing about the day-of. (Rushing sometimes leads to fighting in our house…so we try desperately to avoid it!)



  • Free Father’s Day gift ideas #4: Endless compliments.

Make a conscientious effort to really compliment your guy on Father’s Day. It’s important every day out of the year, of course, but we sometimes get so busy with life and kids that the compliments and little things in our relationships can slip into the background noise. Don’t let them! Compliment your guy, even if it feels awkward. Thank him for his contributions to the family. You’ll be amazed at how much your relationship will grow when you do!

  • Free Father’s Day gift ideas #5: Undivided attention.

Are you always semi-listening as your guy tells you about some complicated work problem? Do you find yourself drifting off to your to-do lists as he discusses his favorite video game or his latest idea for reorganizing the garage? Do the kids constantly interrupt when you’re trying to carry on a conversation with him? Try not to let any of these things distract from the hubs on Father’s Day. Focus on him! I know it really makes me feel heard and validated when he does this for me – even when I know good and well he really couldn’t care less about the topic I bring up.


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5 Free Father's Day Gift Ideas (That Are Really for Mom!), featured on Southern Momdays


Thoughtful actions and intentionality inspire reciprocity in relationships. What we put in, we will get out!

Invest in those moments as free Father’s Day gift ideas for a stronger relationship both now and in the future. And best of all, all of these are pretty much free activities (or as free as you want to make them!).


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What free Father’s Day gift ideas are you planning for this year?

Tell me in the comments below, friends!

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