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I know what your days have looked like so far, Momma.

The baby’s crying screaming. Piles of laundry are waiting for you. Dinner’s a total failboat, once again.

You just want five minutes – just five minutes to claim as your own. You’re touched-out, screamed-out, cried-out for the day. You just want someone who’ll understand you –  who’s not your husband or Significant Other – who’s real and there and in the thick of it with you. Maybe with a glass of sweet tea, on a proverbial wrap-around porch, with a gorgeous mountain view (or lapping waves) and luxuriously slow, poignant accents.

Who are we kidding? You’re probably drinking flat Sprite from a sippy cup while staring at a wall between the 30-45 minutes your kids sleep during a nap. You’re white-knuckling motherhood with a mix of terror and accomplishment. And good heavens, do you make it look good, even when you’re convinced you’re failing. (You don’t believe that, I know.)

But…it’s hard. That’s okay. I’m here with ya. I get it.

Southern Momdays owner Andrea McKee with her baby Scarlett in a stylized portrait by Leah Bullard PhotographyI’m Andrea McKee.

I’m the founder of Southern Momdays, where every day of the week is a Momday.

Monotonous Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays come and go…but the Momday never really ends.

That’s us. That’s every day. We’re there, sacrificing for our kids, knowing (or heartily hoping) our efforts aren’t in vain. That’s why I started this blog: to connect with others – and in doing so, to help others through the thick of it in the places I found most excruciating.

We can do this together. Let’s take a leap of faith and step in.

We’ve got this! (Or we will… Eventually.)

Southern Momdays owner Andrea McKee's baby Scarlett in a stylized portrait by Leah Bullard PhotographyMore about the founder of Southern Momdays…

Andrea McKee was born and raised within a small rural town in Tennessee. She’s in love with Jesus Christ and has been blessed to be momma to baby girl Scarlett and furbabies Willow and Maple. She currently lives with her handsome hubby Andy near the Smoky Mountains, anywhere between a couple of hours and eleven hours away from the rest of their family. Andrea has a couple of college degrees in marketing and finance, a few more certifications, and left her full-time position as a freelance Internet marketing professional (and part-time wedding planner!) to focus more on momlife and all it entails. She’s passionate about debt-free living and is a sleep-coaching, formula-feeding, pro-vaccine, baby-wearing momma who boldy stands up for what works for her family. Andrea’s also passionate about helping other moms find what works best for their unique family, regardless of what others think. She’s most passionate about empowering other moms to shrug off the stigmas that surround so many perfectly good parenting choices so that they too can rest in their own good judgment as the best possible caretaker for their kids.


Southern Momdays owner Andrea McKee with her family in a stylized portrait by Leah Bullard Photography



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