All About Dad Printable Questionnaire for Kids, featured by Southern MomdaysAs I’m writing this post, Father’s Day is just around the corner.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift, birthday gift, or anytime-gift from the kids for your leading man! The hubs and I try to focus more on memories and experiences than on “stuff” as gifts for special occasions these days. That’s why the idea of creating this sweet All About Dad printable questionnaire for kids really got to me this year! It’s a fantastic addition to your day out and about celebrating Dad. And the best part? It’s another one of my fave free Father’s Day gift ideas!

This free printable All About Dad questionnaire for kids is great for more than a few laughs and even more memories.

My very favorite thing about this sweet printable is that it can easily start a yearly tradition the whole family looks forward to. I know it will in my own house!

I plan to ask my two-year-old for answers to these questions this year.

Of course…the answers will probably be along the lines of “ho-dop-tee!” – which means helicopter – and “The vacuum stopped” – which I’m still not sure why she says to anyone who’ll listen on the daily. But hey, she’s two, and we’ll laugh about these memories years from now anyway! Obviously, the answers will only get better year after year. And that’s what family’s all about, right? Making memories, cherishing the little moments, and living each day together to the fullest.


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All About Dad Printable Questionnaire for Kids, featured by Southern Momdays


Snag your own free printable All About Dad questionnaire for kids below!

It’s simple and printed in black and white so your kids can really decorate it to the fullest with colored pens, glitter (!), pencils, markers – you name it! Go bananas.

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What fun details are you adding to Dad’s special day this year?

Do share in the comments below, girlfriend!

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