Baby's First Cold: 10 Things You Need to Get Through (Fast!) featured on the Southern Momdays blogI can’t help but sigh when I notice the telltale signs of another baby cold barreling its way into my household.

Since Scarlett has had a number of baby colds thus far, I consider myself somewhat of a baby-cold expert (sans any semblance of a medical degree, of course!). A classic baby cold is simple to spot. First, I see a tiny trail of snot rolling out of that cute button nose. Then, I hear the dreaded sneeze, followed by a few tiny coughs. A small fever is setting up shop, too. If you see similar symptoms in your baby boy or girl, you guessed it…baby’s probably ramping up to her first (or twentieth) cold!

If you’re like me and wish a fast baby cold remedy or cure existed, the following list just might help you cope – and, most importantly, help baby feel better (fast!).

Only time can “cure” a baby cold (or so I’ve been told), but sleep is a major part of that recovery process. So how do you get baby to sleep when she’s miserable? After a whole lot of trial and error, I’ve found 10 items that just might help your sweet baby get to sleep quickly…and then stay there for a full nap or night’s sleep!



Batten down the hatches, y’all. We can make it through the storm. Here goes!

  1. Baby Chest Rub

I’ve written about an epic, all-natural rub that we love before on the blog. Maty’s All-Natural Baby Chest Rub is amazing. When Scarlett has a cold, I rub it on her chest, the bottoms of her feet, and any excess on her back, too. Then, I zip her up in a comfy set of footie pjs (listed below!). This is hands-down, my favorite tool in the baby-cold-fighting arsenal.

I use every item linked on this list myself and know for a fact that together, they work for my little family. Hope they help yours, too!

  1. Cool-mist humidifier

Let it run all night long. You’ll be amazed at how it helps break up baby’s congestion and help her breathe!

We got a Walgreens brand cool-mist humidifier. Four months after we bought our first one, and only a few weeks of actually using it during bouts with colds, it stopped working mysteriously. Walgreens replaced it with a new one – free of charge. It’s done perfectly well for us.

They stand by their products, without hassle. We literally just called our local Walgreens when our first one went out, asked about the product warranty, and were told to bring it in for a simple exchange. No fussing, no wasted time, no waiting for something to ship in the mail. After that experience, I stand by their products, too!

  1. Infant ibuprofen (Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol)

If baby has a cold, talk to your pediatrician about using infant ibuprofen and infant acetaminophen to keep any fevers or body aches at bay.

  1. Teething necklace

This seemed to bring our baby some comfort, with or without actual “teething.” We adore Scarlett’s Baltic Amber Teething Necklace and its homeopathic pain-relieving qualities. Maybe you will, too! (Be sure to wrap the necklace around baby’s ankle and secure via footie pjs or a sock at night, per product instructions.)

  1. Footie PJs

Keep your baby warm and snuggly (and her chest rub contained!) with cute footie pjs you’ll all love.

  1. Saline nose wipes

Because nothing sucks more than a stuffy, but super-runny, nose – except maybe a chapped, stuffy, super-runny nose! We love Boogie Wipes because of their lotion and saline components. Helps with all of the above.

What you need to help baby through her first cold fast! Featured on the Southern Momdays blog

  1. Nasal Aspirator

Stubborn snot? Suck it out with Nosefrida! Sounds gross, I know. Nothing goes in your mouth, though, due to a long suction tube and a nifty filter. It helps baby feel sooooo much better, too. Worth it x100.

  1. Thermometer

Obviously, keep an eye on baby’s temp any time she’s sick. Talk to your pediatrician about temps you should worry about. We simply adore our Innovo Medical Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer because of its simple, quick readings and number of reading options!

  1. Pillow wedge

Congestion + drainage = coughing and crying All. Night. Long. Avoid that! Consider the Comfy Crib Baby Wedge and Sleep Positioner, an elevated pillow wedge placed right against your crib walls and secured under a tight-fitting sheet. This helps baby breathe better during a cold (and also can help with baby indigestion!).

  1. LOVE!

…and patience. Colds seem to linger. The nights may seem both too long and too short at the same time. But you both can make it through! This too shall pass. Use the options above, and you’ll all likely get better sleep…even when baby’s sick.


As always, check first with your baby’s pediatrician to confirm not only that her illness is indeed a cold, but also that the above suggestions will work for your baby.

Especially if you believe this might be baby’s first cold, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and partner with your trusted medical practitioner for the best outcome.


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Baby's First Cold: 10 Things You Need to Get Through (Fast!) featured on the Southern Momdays blog


I sure hope the above baby cold “remedy and cure” list helps your growing family to better sleep…and a baby that feels much better – quicklike!


What suggestions have you found that help your baby get through a cold? I’m all ears…after I go wipe Scarlett’s nose, that is.


Best wishes for good health!

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