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With all the hoopla surrounding the new baby in the family, one easy way to help your firstborn feel included is to make your new baby’s arrival be about the new big brother or sister, too.

I’ve read article after article about how to introduce our new little lady to Scarlett, who’ll be just over 2 ½ when she arrives. And one of the things they all say is to make the day as much about your oldest as it is about your youngest. I plan to do this with a few of the big sister gift ideas I’ve listed below, given “from” the new baby to Scarlett when they first meet!

Don’t get me wrong – I definitely don’t believe in consolation gifts among siblings when it’s one kid’s birthday or accomplishment that we’re celebrating. That just breeds jealousy and entitlement instead of teaching our kids how to celebrate others without receiving anything themselves, and ain’t nobody in my house got time for that.

That said, adding a new baby to the household is a huge and stressful change for everyone involved – probably most of all for the new big sister or brother.



So in order to help ease that transition from the beginning and encourage sibling affection (rather than jealousy or resentment) from the start, I’m all about big sibling gifts upon first meeting the new baby!

When I started searching around for the perfect big sister gift ideas from baby for Scarlett, I knew I needed to consider three key details:

  • Her age.

    I mean, she can’t have stunning, expensive jewelry (that she could choke on) just yet. I needed to find big sister gift ideas for toddler girls instead of dainty, sweet pieces for older siblings.

  • Her interests.

    She loves for us to read to her. She also loves soft “babies,” or stuffed animals, as well as dressing up. In short, it needed to be something she could interact with. (Not some engraved picture frame or whatever.)

  • The gift’s ability to be portable, “hold up” over time, and be a keepsake one day.

Using the short and simple list above, I went to my favorite place ever to shop (again). You guessed it…Amazon!

A quick search brought me hundreds of options for big sister gift ideas to my fingertips, but only a handful met the criteria above while being simple to “gift” in a cramped hospital room.



(After our first experience in a room hardly bigger than a closet, I knew I really needed smaller big sister gift ideas for hospital room size restrictions!)

See my list below for 12 must-see big sister gift ideas that’ll be sure to please your little lady and help her feel important on baby sibling’s day, too.

You’ll be impressed as well, I’m certain!

NOTE: Pretty much everything on this list is available for big brothers, too – so feel free to click through and browse your options!

Big Sister Gift Ideas in Bundles

Who doesn’t love a good bundle? They often even come pre-packaged and ready to give or drop into a sweet gift bag. And let’s be honest: when you’re prepping for a new baby, simple and uncomplicated takes the cake. AmIright?!
Like Forrest Gump says, it’s just “one less thang” to worry about.
Here are a few of my favorite bundles for big sister gift ideas!

  1. Rebanah Big Sister Gift Set from Baby

    We decided on this one for Scarlett, and it’s seriously precious. Best of all…I don’t have to wrap a thing! It’s truly “Gift Ready,” just like it claims. The book is precious, the stuffed animal is soft and well-made, the silicone bracelet will no doubt be worn for weeks, and the certificate is adorable and definitely will be framed when we get home from the hospital.


  3. Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set

    Super cute! I love the tiara headband and how it comes with the plush doll featured in the book. We really considered this one hard, not only because of its affordability but also because it just looks fun!


  5. I Am a Big Sister Doll and Book Bundle

    This one was really cute, too, which is part of the reason why it made my short list. I love how simple it is and how the little girl doll looks so sweet and inviting!


  7. Big Sister Gift Set For Little Girls and Toddlers

    I almost bought this one if only for the GUND bear! In case you don’t know, GUND stuffed animals are crazy soft and tend to hold up. Paired with a few cute books, and this bundle was right up Scarlett’s alley, too.


Big Sister Gift Ideas that are Books

We’re book fanatics in my house, so Scarlett already has a healthy collection of (and love for) books, stashed here and there around each room. Not surprisingly, I added a number of big sister books to my must-look-into list while shopping for big sister gift ideas! Here are just a few I couldn’t resist.

  1. I Am a Big Sister! By Caroline Jane Church

    We got this one in our Rebanah gift bundle, linked above. It’s adorable!


  3. You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan

    I had to order this one too. Total tear-jerker, no joke!


  5. God Gave Us Two by Lisa Tawn Bergren

    Yep…bought this one as well! I couldn’t resist a sweet story to help Scarlett prepare for a new baby in the house – and help her understand that another baby doesn’t mean she gets less love from Mom and Dad!


  7. You’re the Biggest by Lucy Tapper

    Okay, so full disclosure: this one is in my shopping cart right now along with its companion book for the new baby. I’ll no doubt buy within the next 24 hours – ha! (Is there an Amazon recovery group? No, wait – I don’t want help, even if I need it. 😉)


  9. The Super, Incredible Big Sister (Personalized with Big Sister’s Name!)

    Everyone loves to see his or her name in print, right?! This is a super-sweet way to do just that and literally give your big boy or girl the spotlight for the moment.


Big Sister Gift Ideas that are Stuffed Animals

Simple, easy to tote around, generally quick to clean, useful to help comfort a stressed-out kid…I mean, a stuffed animal of some kind is a given here, right?!

  1. GUND I’m the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear

    I talked a little about how much I love GUND earlier. They’re my favorite stuffed animal brand because they’re so soft and durable!


  3. Ganz 13″ Big Sister Bear

    This stuffed animal is simple, not too big or too small, and is pretty timeless. What’s not to love?!


Big Sister Gift Ideas that are Shirts

Help everyone else remember to congratulate the Big Sister with a top that screams it from the rooftops! She’ll feel so special in her new shirt.

  1. Threadrock Little Girls’ Best Big Sister Ever Toddler T-Shirt

    I love shirts that look a little rustic and super comfy. This one checks both boxes!


  3. Mud Pie Baby Toddler Girls’ Big Sister Long Sleeve Cotton Tunic Top

    We bought this one for our family pictures announcing our pregnancy! It runs huge. For example, Scarlett’s just about ready to get out of 2T tops, but the size we ended up needing in this shirt is a 12-18 month size. It still fits her! …but it’s a totally precious top that’s a little unique. I’d definitely buy it again!



Finding the perfect big sister gift ideas for your little leading lady can be a tad overwhelming, but it’s also loads of fun!

I had a blast trying to decide between these favorite options. If I ever have a baby boy, I’ve totally got even more ideas in mind to consider, too!


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Big Sister Gift Ideas for Toddler from Baby for Hospital, featured on Southern Momdays


Will you be opting for one of these ideas as your new big sister gift for your oldest? Or will you choose something else entirely?

Tell me which and why in the comments below!

Congrats to the new big sister (or brother) in your family!

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