I was a new mom, y’all.

By “new,” I don’t mean that my baby was just my first baby.

I mean that I was new to everything. I’d never changed a diaper before. I’d never fed a baby a bottle. I’d only held a baby once. I’d only been invited to a few baby showers before. My experience at hearing a baby cry “at length” began and ended with severe annoyance that any parent would take his or her baby into a restaurant and then let that baby serenade the rest of us with high-pitched, ridiculously loud screaming for the thirty minutes we were there. Because it surely was just bad parenting that “allowed” the child to scream. (Ha.)

Truth time: I had this crazy belief that women who didn’t breastfeed were simply selfish. (I’m crying laughing here.) I thought, pathetically, that women who had c-sections were just lazy. (The tears are rolling here…I was just so ignorant.)

So, when I had my baby…I was a new mom. Naive to the core. And motherhood was a really bumpy road for me to navigate at first – especially in trying to overcome my own preconceived (read: wrong) notions about…well, everything. Maybe you can relate.

Here’s my birth story with my beautiful baby Scarlett, broken up into three sections!

Getting Pregnant…with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It took an act of God for me to conceive my miracle baby, Scarlett! No, seriously. Don’t miss this, especially if you’re struggling with PCOS.

My (Unexpected) Birth Plan & Delivery

Everything I’d planned for pretty much just fell apart a month before my due date, but you won’t believe what happened in the hospital to change my entire postpartum recovery — mentally and physically.

Postpartum Life Hell

She’s not eating, we’re not sleeping, I’m hardly breathing, everyone’s crying…but I found the light at the end of the tunnel eventually. Although depression weighed heavily, everything started looking up with the acceptance that Fed Is Best. Yes, ma’am, it is! Here’s proof that it worked for my little family.