Choose Joy sign free printable for today featured by Southern MomdaysNot too long ago, I realized that personal happiness and “perfection” were all about perception.

I used to wait for the life I had to catch up to the life I thought I had. You know the one – the life I built up in my (unrealistic) expectations. I think I lived partially in an imaginary world! Life was never enough to make me totally happy, and life was certainly never “perfect.” So in short, I was unhappy and even a bit depressed.

Can you relate?

After my (fiercely independent and angry) daughter was born, and we went through the sheer terror of trying to pacify her throughout her infancy, I finally realized I was wrong all along.

I decided to be happy in the mundane.

To give myself grace when I failed to meet my own (illogical) expectations.

And finally, to view my messy life as nothing less than perfect, as-is.

The result? I was able to choose joy every single day!

It’s not always easy. Even the Bible says that life has an ebb and flow. And according to Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV), “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

So we can’t always expect to be able to choose joy, or at least not easily. We will all hit seasons and events that throw us off our game. It’s so important to understand and validate our own emotions because, well, if we don’t – who will? Recognizing how we feel is the first step to working through those emotions, rather than attempting to mask them with fake joy.



For me, I’m able to choose joy in tough situations by keeping my focus on what really matters.

I keep my expectations realistic, don’t dwell on the little stuff that goes wrong, and always look forward to the next thing. Life’s become about making my daughter smile while understanding that sometimes she just won’t smile, and that’s okay. Eventually, she will! So life’s good. We’re all healthy. We have a tiny, cluttered house…but it’s a home. We’re SO lucky.

Chances are, we all could celebrate many of those same things.


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Choose Joy sign free printable for today featured by Southern Momdays

So, in honor of that, I’ve created a free printable Choose Joy sign to remind you to do so every day!

This free printable is also a calendar date sign. That means it does double duty as a beautiful piece of art and to help you remember the day’s date! Simply print, cut, and frame in an 8×10, and then use a dry erase marker on the glass over the provided line to keep track of the date.

This free printable calendar date sign makes a fabulous gift in the right frame, too! I’ll send it right out to you. Just sign up for my mailing list below!


How will you choose joy today?

Share it with me in the comments, friends!

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