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If I’ve learned anything over the past few years as a mom, it’s that every occasion can be an opportunity for something great.

And as a Christian, I’m always looking for sweet and unexpected ways to spread the message of God’s love – especially when my kiddos could learn from the opportunity, too.

I wrote about what Christians should do about Halloween around this time last year, and that message still rings true today. Halloween night is a huge opportunity to share the love of Christ with children (and parents) who are literally knocking on our doors to receive something good! It’s so important not to squander the opportunity.

But…what do you do when the kid just wants the candy and does NOT want to talk?

That’s pretty much every kid that waltzes up to my doorstep on Halloween night, by the way! Can you relate?

Enter…cute, not-too-intimidating-with-church-doctrine, Christian Halloween tags for treat bags.



Seriously. The printable ones you’ll get (for free!) when you sign up for my mailing list below solve pretty much every time-related or attitude-resistant issue you might have while trying to share a bit of the Gospel with trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Just drop your Halloween treat bags into their buckets with a warm smile, tell them Jesus loves them, and wish them a Happy Halloween! They’ll generally read the message (as will their parents) within 24 hours.

Three details really set this process up for success!

  1. Dress up your bags to look “special.”

It’ll stand out in the trick-or-treaters’ minds as something they really need to open up soon, which means they’ll read your message that much sooner. Use ribbons or twine to tie off the bags, and opt for lovely themed bags. Oh, and don’t forget the Christian Halloween tags for treat bags that you can sign up to download for free below!



  1. Don’t skimp on the goods.

If I’m talking about Jesus, I don’t want to give the kids junky candy. That’s why I always try to buy the best candy I can reasonably afford to give. That’s not been full-sized candy bars yet since we’ve had a fair number of kids at our doorstep the past few years. But, it’s true that fresh name-brand chocolate seems to take the spotlight on Halloween night!

  1. Give cheerfully and sincerely.

Act excited to see them at your door. Thank them for stopping by. Ask about their costumes. Smile, smile, smile! Tell them Jesus loves them, and say Happy Halloween before they leave. It’ll mean so very much! And, the mom or dad will remember how kind you were to their kids, so they’ll be more likely to visit again next year. It’s also a neat idea to take the time to speak to the parents before they leave if they walked up with their kids and don’t seem in a rush. Invite them to check out your church the following Sunday!


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Christian Halloween Tags for Treat Bags Free Printable Download by Southern Momdays

I’ve got my free printable of Christian Halloween tags for treat bags ready to send right out to you.

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The love of Jesus really is sweeter than any candy, y’all.

Happy Halloween!

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