Hey, Momma! Welcome to our mission & community standards page. This is where we outline expectations for interacting via the Southern Momdays site.

Southern Momdays seeks to connect moms of various stages, ages, creed, experiences, and needs in an empowering, loving Christian environment online. So, do remember – if you don’t have anything nice to say, hold your tongue then, Sugar. Just don’t say anything at all!

We encourage each mom to surround herself with a qualified group of professionals and support persons local to her family. This group will be able to gently guide her to the best, healthiest parenting decisions for her unique family and children.

While Southern Momdays is a fantastic place for these moms to connect, no opinions or options found on this site, whether by the owner, commenters, or contributing authors, should seek or be assumed to replace or negate the qualified advice of a professional.

That being said, we do not allow negative comments, fear-mongering, finger-pointing, or being intentionally unkind or aggressive on the Southern Momdays website. Trolls and mommy-shamers will not be tolerated. Encouragers and uplifters are welcome.

We’re so glad you’re here with us!

Now, kick up your feet, and let’s get to gabbin’.