All about finding joyful motherhood in this messy momlife, featured in My Messy Joy on Southern Momdays


Here’s a secret for you: my house is a wreck on most days.

Maybe you can relate?

For every well-meaning pin about homemaking, cleaning, and leading a minimalistic life that I pin on Pinterest, I rarely put the advice to good use. That used to make me feel like a failure, but I’ve realized that having a messy house doesn’t mean I’m a terrible wife, mom, or homemaker.

I’ve just got my priorities right where I want them these days…and keeping an immaculate house isn’t really on that list.

I see piles of laundry – mercifully, freshly cleaned! – but waiting in heaps for me to fold them. I know I should fold and put them away…

But instead, I’m snuggling my little girl on the couch and answering nonsensical questions that make her smile even bigger.

That laundry can wait.

I see dirty dishes that somehow reappear as soon as I wash them, and I know I should clean them…

But instead, I’m toting my baby around town and daydreaming about decorating our future home. She excitedly points out the shiny things she’d prefer I stick in our shopping cart, and I explain about our budget and how it’s important to have a plan. She giggles, and I laugh – because she has no clue what I’m saying.

The dirty dishes will always be there later.

I know I should vacuum the carpets and mop the kitchen floors…

But instead, I’m dancing around the toys strewn across the floor and delighting in my little girl’s squeals as I oblige when she begs, “Momma play!”

The floors will keep until tomorrow.



I definitely should clean the windows and blinds (like whoa)…

But instead, I open the blinds and quietly talk with my daughter about the birds in the trees just outside the (slightly murky) glass panes.

The windows don’t have to be cleaned today.

I really should organize my closets and kitchen cabinets…

But instead, I close the doors, grab a book off the shelf, and wait for my daughter to rush to my lap so we can read the same stories for the millionth time.

The closets and cabinets can wait.

The dust. Oh, the dust! Seriously, with a tiny house, not enough room for all of our furniture, two dogs, two adults, and two babies (well, one on the way!), we stir up some impressive dust. I should be dusting it all…

In fact, I should be doing a lot of things! Repainting the mailbox, washing the vehicles, decluttering the garage…

But instead, I’m putting my feet up and enjoying the view from my chair, right next to my gorgeous first-born.



Because the truth is, all of these chores will be here years from now. But my baby won’t be.

She’ll be off chasing her own dreams and raising her own family one day, far sooner than I’ll be ready for.

And I’ll be left with weekly (hopefully!) phone calls, occasional visits, some holiday celebrations, and precious, sweet memories of these days – the right here and now. While she’s all mine. While she’s just mine. While her biggest concerns are how many stickers she can collect and when Daddy is coming home from work.

And my biggest hope for her is that by choosing her instead of all the chores each day, she’s storing up when to let mundane tasks in her own life fall to the side for a while so she can really soak in the most important moments one day.


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All about finding joyful motherhood in this messy momlife, featured in My Messy Joy on Southern Momdays


It’s not an excuse to have a messy house.

It’s just a really good reason to let a few of those chores and tasks sit on the back-burner for a few days until I get a chance to work them in…or Daddy’s home to entertain!

The days are long, but the years are short.

So short…and so beautiful.

Cherish every moment, dear momma friend!

I know I plan to.

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