Three-Day Potty Training: 12 Must-Haves for Lasting Success, featured on Southern Momdays


So you’re ready to get started with three-day potty training, right?

Well, maybe not just yet! Here’s the list of items I really couldn’t have done without while crafting our quick, painless plan for three-day potty training.

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The hubs and I potty-trained our then-23-month-old daughter within 3 or 4 days by using three-day potty training.

She stopped having accidents and even started staying dry at night by the end of the fourth day. So, yeah – this plan is intense, but it totally works – and has saved us hundreds of dollars in diapers!


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Here are the 12 items we – and a growing number of my acquaintances – have used to get lasting success with three-day potty training!

(It works for both girls and boys, too.)

  1. Potty Training in 3 Days: The Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers by Brandi Brucks.

Seriously – it’s an invaluable book. Best of all, it’s mercifully short and not at all filled with fluff. (Yes and amen!) It presents legit, proven strategies and an uncomplicated plan that’s been proven to work thousands of times. If you get nothing else on this list…you need this book. It gives you the actual plan for how to potty train your kid (for real, and once and for all) in three to ten days, from an expert on the topic. I know there are alternative books out there, but I really can’t recommend this one enough!

  1. Resolve: Pet Edition.

In other words, if you have carpet, you need to invest in a cleaner that’s going to keep your carpets from needing a full steam-cleaning after training.

  1. Puppy pads or absorbent bed mats

to cover your couches and chairs in. Seriously – I don’t know about you, but accidents on the couch are deal-breakers for me!

  1. Have 2-3 varieties of drinks your toddler loves on hand.

The more they drink, the more they’ll pee, and the more opportunities you’ll have to train!

  1. Baby Bjorn toilet seat trainer.

Competitors need not apply. It fits pretty much any toilet without having gaps that lead to yucky leaks. Get it!

  1. Baby Bjorn step stool.

It’s compact but useful for helping your toddler up on the potty safely due to its grippy surfaces. I do wish it was a little taller, though!

  1. Ubbi Potty Seat Holder.

It’s so handy for keeping the seat clean and out of the way when not in use.

  1. Potty-themed books for your toddler to look at while he or she goes.

  1. Get 2-3 different kinds of candy your toddler loves but very rarely (if ever) gets as part of the reward for going.

You’ll be using these treats for a max of 10-14 days, so plan accordingly. (We only did this for 7 days to keep her from associating the act only with a tangible reward.)

  1. Get a few different kinds of stickers and either make or buy a potty-training reward chart.

You’ll use the stickers and reward chart for around 10 days, or until your kid stops asking for it after going, whichever is sooner.

  1. Pull-Ups for nighttime.

It’s important to refer to them as “sleeping underwear,” too – not diapers! They slide on like underwear, and then you’d put the kid’s actual underwear over top the Pull-Ups so they look down and see the “real deal” instead of just something that feels mysteriously like a diaper.

We said, “Scarlett, these are your sleeping underwear. Please try to keep them dry overnight,” as we dressed her for bedtime each night.

One note about nighttime. When I say potty-trained completely, that may or may not include night sleep (or even naps). Nighttime “accidents” are not actually accidents. While Scarlett only wet her Pull-Ups for a few nights, she’s more the exception than the norm, and not necessarily because she’s crazy advanced (although I like to think she is!). As the book by Brucks explains, every child is different in his or her development and basic physical capabilities to “hold it” all night long or even during a nap. Just FYI!

  1. Many packs of toddler underwear!

I’m not sure Scarlett’s the “average,” but just to give you an example, we went through almost 30 pairs of panties during the training weekend.
It’s nice to have a good stock of underwear for your kid, though – much like with our own underwear, we don’t want to be stuck in a tight spot without clean undies, amIright?! Go ahead and get comfy, fun ones with his or her favorite cartoon character on them. (I even used to say, “See the princesses? Don’t pee on the princesses! They won’t like that!” …and I think it helped. 😉)


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Three-Day Potty Training: 12 Must-Haves for Lasting Success, featured on Southern Momdays


The 12 items above were so key in my toddler’s three-day potty training success!

My hope is that they help propel your little family into success as well so that you’re not repeating the process over and over. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Want to know what you can expect during your toddler’s three-day potty training? Stay tuned because that’s next up in the series!

Tell me if this list helped you below!

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