Toddler Beach Tips: 5 Beach Packing List Essentials, with featured image of toddler playing in sand on the beach, by Southern Momdays


Well friends, I’m back from vacation and can’t wait to share my toddler beach tips and beach packing list essentials with you today!

You probably know by now that I’m all about sun safety for kids, so the majority of the five essentials on my beach packing list include tips for skin health in the sun for babies. I also included a few more must-haves on this toddler beach tips list, just for you! Don’t miss my favorite tried-and-true options to pack with a fair-skinned (and fairly cranky) toddler in tow at the beach.

  • Toddler Beach Tips #1: The right toddler sunscreen has to be on your beach packing list!

You’re probably saying, “Well, duh.”

I know I would!

But seriously, you can lather on all the sunscreen you want, but unless it’s the right sunscreen, your sweet baby’s still gonna get burned. And there’s nothing worse than a toddler with a sunburn…unless you’re at the beach, hours away from the comforts of home. That’s pretty much the epitome of sadness!

I have relied on Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50) almost exclusively with Scarlett. She’s never even gotten a little pink, even when I didn’t reapply as often as the bottle suggested. That’s a win in my book!


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  • Toddler Beach Tips #2: You’ll need the perfect bathing suit and accessories on any beach packing list.

Another “Duh” entry, but again – hear me out!

I was so tempted to get Scarlett an itty-bitty bikini she’d look super presh in for her first beach trip, but instead, I opted for two lovely swimsuits in blue and pink with built-in sun protection that kept her pretty covered. She still looked oh-so-adorable, the suits seemed quite comfortable, and she didn’t even get pink under the hot summer sun!

We also got three additional accessories that we really couldn’t have done without: legitimate sunglasses, a sunhat with built-in sun protection, and comfy water shoes with rubber soles that kept her feet from burning on the hot sand (or getting hurt while walking along rough shells at the shoreline).


  • Toddler Beach Tips #3: A sun shelter can make life so much easier! Don’t forget it on your beach packing list.

I researched this tirelessly and finally decided on a sun shelter tent that came with tons of room, easy set-up, a simple (and light) carrying bag, and even a nice little pop-out canopy for a little shade in front of the tent.

Boy, was it ever amazing to have! We used it as an easy place to lounge in front of the ocean with all of the breeze and none of the hot sun, a great little place to enjoy snacks and cold drinks, and even a wonderful pit stop for more sunscreen before heading back out to the sand and water.


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  • Toddler Beach Tips #4: Having a yummy snack and sippy handy on your beach packing list can make or break a good day!

As a toddler mom, you know by now to always travel with snacks and a drink, so this isn’t a surprise entry on my list. But, if you forget to pack these little perks, you’re in for quite a short stay out on the beach!

My favorite cups still remain the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup, and I still adore the Munchkin Snack Catchers for holding little treats. Both prevent spills like a dream, and both are mercifully easy to use (and clean!).



  • Toddler Beach Tips #5: Sand toys are a must on any beach packing list!

Of course! My toddler actually preferred playing in the sand to getting (anywhere) near the ocean, truthfully. She had a blast building and digging! And who could blame her? She was the picture of joy on that beach. Scarlett received the set we used as a birthday gift, and the best part was that it came with its own container – which made clean up SO easy!

Add in a cheap but adorable kite from Walmart or another superstore, and you’ve got a picture-perfect scene ready to be captured on camera. 😉

P.S. Protect your phone while taking pics of all your family adventures on the beach by purchasing a waterproof cell phone case. Ours worked perfectly and even came in a two-pack!


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Toddler Beach Tips: 5 Beach Packing List Essentials, with featured image of toddler playing in sand on the beach, by Southern Momdays

The above toddler beach tips literally saved my family vacation!

I’ll never forget these items on my family’s beach packing list in the future.

What beach-vacation essentials do you suggest for your family? Do tell me in the comments below!


Happy Vacationing!

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